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Beginning Orthodoxy, Part II

Translated from Russian by Natalie Semyanko

The Royal Hours, Passia, Liturgical Colors, Our Help to the Deceased, How Saints are Called, This Pussy Willow is Being Blessed…., Bright Week, The Feast-Day of the Russian Land, About Fasting, Repentance, The Prayer Rule, How to Pray When time is Short, Things to Remember, "Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night…", The "Protestant" Bible, Why does the Lord permit illness? Wearing a Cross, Prayer Beads,  Name’s Days, How to help someone on their death bed, When will the end of the world come? Appendix: Spirituality and Spiritual Guidance.  
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Beginning Orthodoxy - Part I 

Translated from Russian by Irina Guzel and Natalie Semyanko

Preparation to Baptism, Godparents, Behavior in church, A Candle, Commemoration lists, How to Make a Sign of Cross Correctly, The ringing of church bells, Holy Bread, Great Blessing of Waters (Aguiasma), The daily circle of church services, Services for Special Occasions, "Brother," "Father," "Bishop.", Church Hierarchy, The censer of incense, Catechumens, Preparation to Holy Communion, Wedding Ceremony, Holy Unction, The Problem of "Mini-Eldership" (Mlado-starchestvo)

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"The Church is One"  author  Alexei Khomiakov (1804--1860)

Aleksey Stepanovich Khomyakov (Алексей Степанович Хомяков) (May 1, 1804, Moscow – September 23/25, 1860) was a Russian religious poet who co-founded the Slavophile movement along with Ivan Kireevsky, and became one of its most distinguished theoreticians.Khomyakov's whole life was centered on Moscow. He viewed this "thousand-domed city" as an epitome of the Russian way of life. Equally successful as a landlord and conversatialist, he published but little during his lifetime. His writings, printed posthumously by his friends and disciples, exerted profound influence on the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian lay philosophers, such as Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Konstantin Pobedonostsev, and Vladimir Solovyov.
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Dogmas and Opinions author 
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky
Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky (November 7, 1888 – November 4, 1988) was a Russian theologian.He was born in the village of Korist, in the province of Volhynia. His father was Archpriest Ioann Pomazansky who was the son of Father Ioann Ambrosievich. Fr. Michael's mother, Vera Grigorievna, was the daughter of a protodeacon and later priest in the city of Zhitomir. From 1920 until 1934 Fr. Michael taught Russian philology, literature, philosophical dialectics and Latin at the Russian lycée in Rivne.In 1936 Fr. Michael was ordained a priest and moved to Warsaw where he was the first assistant to the rector, a position he held until June, 1944.Upon his arrival in America in 1949, Fr. Michael was appointed by Archbishop Vitaly (Maximenko) as an instructor at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, New York. After the death of his wife, he moved into the monastery, where he remained until his death on November 4, 1988.Father Michael Pomazansky was known for his adherence to the teaching of dogmatic theology as a way to maintain understanding and unity within the various Eastern Orthodox communities. 
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Saint Seraphim of Sarov (Russian: Серафим Саровский) (19 July 1759 - 2 January (N.S. 14 January), 1833), born Prokhor Moshnin (Прохор Мошнин), is one of the most renowned Russian monks and mystics in the Orthodox Church. He is generally considered the greatest of the 19th century startsy (elders) and, arguably, the first. He is remembered for extending the monastic teachings ofcontemplation, theoria and self-denial to the layperson, and taught that the purpose of the Christian life was to acquire the Holy Spirit.
Seraphim was glorified (canonized) by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1903. The date of his death is his major feast day. His canonization has something of an ecumenical character; Pope John Paul II referred to him as a saint in his book, Crossing the Threshold of Hope 

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Seraphim Rose, born Eugene Dennis Rose (August 13, 1934 - September 2, 1982), was a hieromonk (also called priest-monk) of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia in the United States, whose writings have helped spread Orthodox Christianity throughout modern America and the West. They have also been widely read in Russia. Although not formally canonized, he is venerated by some Orthodox Christians as a saint in iconography, liturgy, and prayer.

(Книга С. Роуза "Православие и религия будущего" урезанный вариант. Взято с сайта http://www.orthodoxphotos.com/readings/future)
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